Shine300.jpgThe hip-hop group Shine consists of two Tamil brothers from Sri Lanka.

They were forced to move because of the war in 1987. Their father went to Europe, attempting to make a brighter future, while their mother and her three sons was left behind trying to escape from the war. They moved around from one place to another, struggling for three years, and then finally their father brought them to Norway in 1990.

Sudas was ten, and Sahaya was six.

The new country had different surroundings, cold weather and snow. In time they got used to their new life, they learned the language, and things got better.

Sudas has always been a hip-hop fan. In 1998 he met Erik a.k.a. Scope, and they automatically clicked. They started making music together, and after a few years Sudas learned how to produce his own music in his home studio. With the help of Scope their music career has gone further than their expectations.

Why the name ‘Shine? Because all three brothers’ names start with the letter S.

The first song they made was Heavenly Father, which is about being a black kid in the west. The song was an underground hit, though it was never released as a single.

They’re not about fame; they’re about sharing their reality with other people. The topics of their songs vary, from club shit to conscious rap songs about their past and their homeland. Kind of rebel-type rap.

Even though Shine usually raps in English, their latest hit was the first song they’ve ever  written in both Tamil and English. It’s called Ulagam Mudium Varai, ( Till the end of time )and tells about the tribulations of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. The song was performed live before 1600 people on TTN’s 5 year anniversary in Oslo, and the audience went crazy. Since then the song has received a lot of attention.

These days Shine is working with Scope, building up Scope’s label Rough Rhythm Records. The label features many talented underground rappers, some who are about to blow up in the near future.

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To contact Shine call Sudas at +47 98470997